How much does it cost to build and extension?

The cost of a single storey extension will vary depending on where you are in the UK, the complexity of the build and the standard of build quality you are aiming for. Build costs for a single storey extension can be broken down as follows: If you’re looking to build an extension on a budget, youContinue reading “How much does it cost to build and extension?”

Design and Build process

The design and build process is a collaborative approach to construction that involves integrating the design and construction phases of a project into a single process. It aims to streamline the construction process and reduce the risk of conflicts between different parties involved in the project. In the design and build process, a single entity,Continue reading “Design and Build process”

Why clients should go direct to the designer or builder

While 3rd party services like My Builder may seem convenient for finding contractors or tradespeople for home improvement projects, there are several reasons why people should exercise caution and consider alternative methods. One of the main issues with these services is that they often do not provide sufficient vetting or screening of the contractors orContinue reading “Why clients should go direct to the designer or builder”